The Grand Collection #03

The Grand Collection #03

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The Grand Collection features beautiful script fonts for a truly luxurious aesthetic that any high-end brand will love. This is a one-of-a-kind branding suite that like all other Branding Babes Co. logo kits will only be sold once. The text will be edited to fit your brand within 24 hours so you can start making waves with your new polished look!

This is a complete logo system that includes:

  • Primary Logo - For Print & Digital Marketing Materials

  • Secondary Logo - For Usage in Squares like a Facebook Profile Photo

  • Wordmark - Best Used on Website Headers

  • Stacked Wordmark - Another option for usage in Squares like on a Company Shirt)

  • Badge - For Usage in Circles like an Instagram Profile Photo

  • Icon - A Browser Icon For Your Website (Appears next to Site Title in Tabs)

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If you would like to change the colors of your logo kit, select the color option to book a 30 minute call with a professional designer on our team who will help you customize the designs for your brand.

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