Katie Paige Creative

Katie Paige Creative offers virtual assistance to creative businesses and individuals. Her  vegan lifestyle and edgy fashion sense draw an underserved part of the creative market to her brand, allowing her to build a unique clientele.

Based on our initial discussion with Katie, we agreed that the typography for Katie Paige Creative should be classic, neutral and fairly simple. We wanted the primary color palette to consist of gray and white, accented by a few dark and a few neutral shades. Calming greens and pastels inspire a floral, yet edgy theme. The tone of her brand is quiet, thoughtful and deliberate. It focuses on being authentic and ethical, playing off her vegan lifestyle. All of the language and symbols seem authentic and emotional so we placed a focus on hand drawn illustrations and lettering.

Asset 28.png

After we created her initial strategy, we created her mood board for visual reference. The key words we used to describe her brand were creative, calm, floral, intentional, balanced, quality, timeless, and empathetic. Then, based on the mood board we crafted her primary color palette - and, c'mon babes - it's freakin' gorgeous!


We wanted to typography to be classic, but with an edgy, artistic twist. So we used a Serif font and manipulated the letters to create the statement K, and leave space for a circular "Creative" in one variation. For the icon we went with a classic monogram using the statement K, and adding a stylized P to make one cohesive mark.


We kept the font pairings simple and classic, using a Serif and Sans-Serif so that her website and printed materials will capture interest. The fonts we selected are Cormorant and Brandon Grotesque, both in regular weight.


Then, we put together her business cards - again, clean and simple design highlighting the font pairings and both the primary logo and the monogram.


Next, we focused on her social graphics and web design. For her social graphics we knew we wanted to work with some additional colors to accentuate the moody, floral imagery that she would be using - so we added a secondary color palette with purple, green, and peach tones. 


We used both her color palettes to create social templates for quotes and blog posts so she can share on Instagram and Pinterest. All of the templates feature a background in the darkest shade in the palette and text in the lightest shade.


Then, we moved on to web design, and finished out the project by completing a minimalist, artist landing page. Her website only has three pages to keep it simple and to the point, but they pack a stylistic punch that we love. You can see it live here!