Nutritiously Delicious

Gianna came to us for help crafting her new Granola brand - started through her blog, Nutritiously Delicious. She is building a local and wholesale artisanal food brand through which she will able to share not only her granola mix, but additional nutritious and delicious foods with her local community. 

When writing her initial strategy we found that her customers are mostly health-conscious moms who focus on living active and intentional lives. They value family above all, and are careful about the products that they expose to their loved ones. Their food and hygiene purchases reflect this intention. They like to shop local or support business that speak to their healthy lifestyle. They are fitness lovers, champions of athleisure, and cherish time spent outdoors with their friends and family at local farmers markets, on hikes or bike rides, and even on restaurant patios. This all equates to bright and family friendly food products that are presented in convenient packaging for them to eat on the go. 


We wanted the typography for Nutritiously Delicious to be modern, bright, and fairly simple so that it reflects the products and draws attention to them in retail settings. The tone is friendly, energetic, and intentional. You will see the types of foods Gianna enjoys mixed in because her eating habits are a close reflection of her customers. The colors are bold and bright as the products themselves tend to be neutral and brown (Granola) and we want them to stand out.

After we created Gianna's initial strategy, we created the mood board for visual reference. The key words we used to describe her brand were local, artisanal, healthy, active, convenient, lifestyle, bright, family friendly. Then, based on the mood board we crafted her primary color palette. It's super bold and so much fun, just like her food!


Nutritiously Delicious as a blog needed a simple, modern logo that will fit into the website and pair beautifully with bright images. The dark gray color that was chosen softens the logo (compared to black), making it a bit more friendly, yet still bold and legible. The hot pink script font highlights Gianna's fun nature, adding playfulness into the design.The secondary mark is a stacked variation of the Nutritiously Delicious word mark that will come in handy when used in more vertical spaces. It is bold yet simple and carries over the colors of the primary logo. Finally, the icon is just a monogram of Nd, showcasing the fonts and colors of the other designs.


We created a Nutritiously Delicious vegetable and fruit pattern to represent the fun, healthy lifestyle that the blog promotes. The pattern and individual icons be used on the website as well as social media to carry through the brand design in a subtle way.


For the business card front we showcased the brand's pattern and bold accent color and we used clean lines to highlight information on the back. We stuck with a 1 font system - using different weights of Proxima Nova to add interest in the designs.


Right now, her packaging is pre-made and she adds custom labels to brand them. We designed simple, vivid labels that are easy to read and will stand out on the shelves.


Then, we moved on to web design, and finished out the project by giving her blog a makeover. We went with a bright, minimalist theme, focusing on the images of her and her food. We also found ways to incorporate the colors and patterns of the brand.

Jo MaglioccoComment