Sustainable Project

The ladies of the Sustainable Project came to us looking for a unique identity before launching their first event this year in San Francisco. Armed with the beautiful images from Visual Crave Photography we set to work crafting a strategy and minimalist, high-end brand for their event. As this is a non-profit endeavor, we approached strategy from the perspective of needing to appeal to a high-end, donor audience first and foremost. 

Because the events focus on sustainable fashion and design above all, the brand needs a modern, minimal and super sleek look. At the same time we wanted to have a little bit of a classic look for the primary logo - reminiscent of high end print magazines that would speak to the generation of donors the ladies wanted to work with. The colors were to remain simple as well, just green paired with classic black and white. Based on those ideas we created the initial mood board.

Asset 13.png

The color palette is super simple - just two shades of green that pair perfectly and can be used in tandem with black and white to create plenty of unique graphics.


The primary logo is simple and classic. It features a Serif font in all caps, paired with a green leaf icon that hides the initials SF for San Francisco, the location of the Sustainable Project's founding event.


The leaf icon can also be used on it’s own to represent the project on social platforms, as well as utilized to make patterns for digital and print materials.


The event logo for the Sustainable Project S.F. 2018 event is a modified version of the primary logo featuring the initials of the program and the year 2018. There are two stacked variations and a badge so that it can be used in a wide variety of digital and print placements.


We also created a minimalist business card design for each founding member of the project.


For secondary graphics and print materials we placed extra emphasis on the leaf icon which represents sustainability.

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 11.14.04 AM.png

Finally, we created event-specific graphics for the launch party in San Francisco.

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